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Link 2B Active

The Link 2B Active programme offers discounted rates for job seekers to avail of physical activity opportunities in South Dublin County.


Local sports facilities in South Dublin County will be offering you the opportunity to use their facilities - gyms, swimming pools, and more - at reduced rates. The Link2BActive programme, the brain child of South County Dublin Sports Partnership and supported by the Irish Sports Council, is now being rolled out nationally across all Local Sports Partnerships to link in unemployed people with local facilities such as gyms, leisure centres, all weather pitches and many more and avail of the many opportunities they have.

One of the first key tasks for the Partnership was to develop a comprehensive, broad based Committee which would provide local information and be a key driver for the work of the Partnership.

How it works:

Local Sports Facility providers are asked to come up with an offer, complete with terms and conditions, for use of their facilities by unemployed persons/those in receipt of social welfare. SDCSP has a link to the programme on its website with all the offers available in South Dublin County. Furthermore, flyers, posters and promotional materials with this information will be distributed through social welfare offices, community centres, libraries, and other such means to inform people about the programme.

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The Link 2B Active programme is open to anyone who is in receipt of unemployment assitance such as Job Seekers Allowance (JA) or Job Seekers Benefit (JB). Eligible applicants are then required to show the Link 2B Active Facility proof of payment from the Department of Social and Family Affairs (DSFA) or department of Social Protection (DSP). This can be in the form of a weekly postal draft receipt or a bank statement. No copies will be taken by the facility. Once eligibility is confirmed, applicants will be issued a Link2BActive card which will be valid for six months. To renew the card, members will be asked to show up to date proof of payment from the DSFA or DSP.

Facilities committed to the Link 2B Active programme


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