Calisthenics is a sport that requires attainment of gross motor skills in order to be able to develop and achieve the movements involved in the sport. It is a sport that uses bodyweight exercises to produce movements.

There is proof that states Fundamental Movement Skills help to develop a child’s overall gross motor skills, but what do we do when they can perform those basic movements already? We want to propose the use of Calisthenics as an advancement on those skills and the next logical progression to further develop children and their athletic ability.


To further improve upon fundamental movements skills and showcase that children are capable of enhancing their athletic ability and fundamental movement even further by using bodyweight exercises that are involved in calisthenics. To have more people using the Public Parks in South Dublin for the benefit of their health through calisthenics.  

Classes are be held during school hours by qualified coaches. We have 6 coaches trained up in local communities who will be the driving force for calisthenics.

With SDCC implementing Calisthenics Equipment into parks and SDCSP teaching people how to use the equipment we believe it will create a culture of physical activity in the communities.

The structure of the classes will last roughly 30 minutes depending on the school and their time frame available for this programme.

An assessment chart is used that showcases the movements within Calisthenics that they will work on and help them understand what they are aiming to do and to have better terminology on the movements within the sport.

These movements will be worked on and assessed over a 6-12-week period. This time period depends on the school’s availability towards the programme, so obviously the longer we work with the groups the more improvements that will be made.

Results of the research conducted by our Community Sports Officer over a 12-week period with primary school pupils in 3rd to 6th class provide an insight into how much this can benefit the development of your children taking part in the Calisthenics programme.