About us

South Dublin County Sports Partnership:

Our Aim

To develop and support opportunities for increased participation in sports and physical activity by the community or South Dublin County, regardless of their background, age or ability


Enhanced planning of sport at local level


Increased levels of local participation


Enhanced local coach deployment


Club development


Volunteer training


Local Directories of sports bodies and facilities


Better use of existing facilities


Clear priorities for local facility provision and improvement


School/club/community and possibly school – National Governing Body


Local sports events

Our History

In the Irish Sports Council’s (ISC) strategy “A New Era for Sport 2000-2002″, The Council proposed to establish a nationwide network of Local Sports Partnerships to create a national structure to co-ordinate and promote the development of sport at a local level.

The ISC identified that the effective development of sport and recreation at a local level would be best delivered through the adoption of a partnership approach between all bodies and organizations involved in the delivery of sport and recreation locally.   Following the Irish Sports Council’s competition process in 2007 South Dublin County was designated as a Local Sports Partnership site and the recruitment of a Co-ordinator took place in November 2007

One of the first key tasks for the Partnership was to develop a comprehensive, broad based Committee which would provide local information and be a key driver for the work of the Partnership.

The Committee has representatives from many strands in the community: public agencies, sports bodies, education, business and community development groups. In 2017, after a consultation process with local agencies, sports organisations and with Sports Ireland, a new strategic plan for the period 2017-2022 was launched. See English version here.  See Irish version here.

The partnership is primarily funded by Sport Ireland with assistance from the local partners, especially South Dublin County Council and the HSE.


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